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{ See.Say.Do Campaign Launches - Day 1 }

Over the next 10 days at 10am we will release videos or resources to help you take "action on safety". Keeping children safe is every adult's responsibility.

If you SEE something, SAY something and then DO something about it. Child sexual abuse can be prevented when adults take appropriate action.

* * * * * * * *


Today's guests are the Special Olympics Samoa, SOS, who share with us what they do to keep their athletes safe, especially children with intellectual or physical disabilities.

  • Have enough supervision

  • Athletes should be supervised carefully by trained individuals who understand their disability and know how to care for them

  • Actively implement the organisations' Child Protection or Safeguarding Policies

  • Stakeholders - parents, caregivers are advised of the policies and aware of the safety measures that are undertaken to keep children safe

  • An athlete is not left alone with one adult

Please enjoy their short video and leave a message of support for the wonderful work that Special Olympics Samoa, SOS do for our children with disabilities.

Special thanks to Special Olympics Samoa, SOS management, Saleilua Matautia an SOS staff member, athlete and youth leader with an intellectual disability and the Men’s & Women’s Unified Football Team – Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities & Unified partners, players without disabilities.

* * * * *

Keep Kids Safe is a Talofa Kids program in child sexual abuse prevention through awareness-based education. It is sponsored by the Swiss Embassy of NZ


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